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Plenty of sports, exhaustive events coverage, diverse markets, tasty bonuses, fast payments, and HD live streaming functionality make for a fantastic betting experience. But do you know what makes this experience even better? High odds.

As you may already know, sports betting is a numbers game. But, contrary to what some may believe, those numbers don't just spring out of thin air.

Behind every odd on a betting site, a team of statistical analysts, sports aficionados, and betting experts have meticulously evaluated several factors. These include player performance, team statistics, historical data, risk management, and even weather conditions to determine it.

That's why many sportsbooks quote varying odds for the same event or market. In today's guide, we'll present you with the bookmakers with the highest odds and also explore their unique features.

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Top Betting Sites with the Highest Odds

Every betting site claims to have the most competitive odds. With new bookmakers cropping up daily, finding bookies with the highest odds is fast becoming a complex task requiring plenty of time and painstaking research. Luckily, we have summed up the top betting sites with the highest odds on the market. Check out the list below.

Table of contents


Bankonbet sportsbookWant to increase your chances of getting big bucks off your well-thought-out sports bet? We highly recommend giving Bankonbet a try. It features more than 30 mainstream and niche sports combined and covers thousands of events and even more sports betting markets. And that's not counting its horse racing and virtual sports betting section.

But one of the more unique traits of BankonBet is its ultra-competitive odds. Whether you prefer football, basketball, ice hockey, or even lacrosse, you'll find a bunch of less juiced odds at your disposal. In fact, most of them have a 2% to 10% margin or bookmaker's cut, which is the industry standard.

On top of that, this site has a valid Curacao license. In other words, punters from most parts of the world can access a safe and reliable betting experience on this platform. Not forgetting the vast payment methods that include cryptocurrencies.


Librabet betting sectionFootball enthusiasts looking for more bang for their buck should head over to the Librabet sportsbook. At the time of writing this review, we found that the football odds, more specifically those on the European Leagues, such as Premier League, UEFA Champions, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the likes, featured a 2.9% margin – one of the best on the market.

To make things even more interesting, this sportsbook has a one-of-a-kind live betting platform. It comes with thousands of live events monthly. The average payout is 93% and there’s a full cash-out feature. Of course, the site's intuitive yet user-friendly design makes the in-play wagering experience even more satisfying.

When it comes to the licensing front, Librabet holds a Curacao license. With Rabidi N.V., a reputable gambling company, at the helm, you can trust that this bookie will ensure you get the best and safest betting environment. Librabet covers international and local events across over 35 sports, including all major sports leagues around the globe.


20BET Esports betting20bet is known for its many payment methods as well as its quality betting odds. Covering 30+ sports and thousands of markets, betting on 20bet is nothing short of outstanding.

In addition to the massive market variety, this bookie offers some of the best odds, especially in football and tennis. On average, we found that the margins for most of these markets were approximately 6.7%.

But you can still get better margins on bigger events such as the Premier League, NBA, French Open, Wimbledon, UEFA Champions, and other European leagues.

On top of that, 20bet has one of the best live betting sections. At the time of writing this review, we found 100+ live betting markets over a wide range of events and leagues. Note that this bookie has a Curacao license and utilizes the latest security features to ascertain a secure betting environment.

How to Choose the Best Sportsbook with High Odds

You're probably wondering, ‘How did we pinpoint these great betting sites?' Well, we follow a meticulous process that involves assessing bookmakers against tried and tested criteria. The more boxes the bookmaker ticks, the higher it ranks. If you're searching for top betting sites with highest odds, here are some general criteria to help you evaluate.



If there's no license, skip that betting site immediately—no matter how alluring the welcome bonus or site design is. A sportsbook that has gone above and beyond to meet the licensing threshold of reputable authorities like the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gaming Authority, or the Malta Gambling Authority surely has its players' best interests at heart.



Since we're on the hunt for top bookmakers with the highest odds, you must browse through the available markets and their respective odds. Compare them with other options to see how good or bad they are. And when you use decimal odds, finding the best odds is even easier. After all, they are much simpler to understand.


Odds Consistency

Most bettors want a sportsbook that offers the best value for their possibly successful wagers. However, we highly recommend going further to find out if the bookie offers consistently high odds across multiple events and markets. You don’t want a bookmaker whose odds reduce as the game day approaches.


Sports Offered

Even if you only want to place football bets, it is still crucial that you find a bookmaker that covers a variety of sports. After all, sportsbooks that offer plenty of sports increase your probability of finding value bets. In other words, it's an opportunity to locate odds that the bookmaker is proliferating as higher than the true probability of the outcome actually happening.


Available Odds-Related Bonuses

When considering top bonuses at betting sites with high odds, don't just go off the strength of regular match deposit or no-deposit bonuses. Not to say that they are not good, but also think about free bets and odds boosts. Such offers are the mother of a high-risk, small-stake betting experience.

New Betting Sites with Great Odds

New Betting SitesAs mentioned before, lots of sports betting sites are popping up every year, each claiming to have better odds and more enticing bonuses than the last. But which of them truly offers the highest odds? Check out our list of the top new sportsbooks with great odds below:

Casino name Rating Bonus License Launched Min Deposit Min Withdrawal
Legiano 4.6 Yet to be confirmed Curacao 2024 €20 €20
Spinsy 4.8 100% up to EUR 100 Curacao 2022 €20 €20
Cashed 4.8 100% Match up to €100 Curacao 2024 €10 €10
LamaBet 4.6 None Curacao 2024 €20 €20
ChachaBet Casino 4.7 Up to EUR 300 in free bets + 75 FS in 3 deposits Curacao 2024 €20 €40
Starzino 5.0 100% Match up to €500 Curacao 2023
Betovo 5.0 100% Match up to €250 Curacao 2024 €10 €10
Nine 4.6 100% Match up to €100 Curacao 2021 €15 €50
Wingaga 4.8 100% Match up to €100 Curacao 2024 €10 €10
BDMBet 4.6 100% Match up to €100 Curacao 2023 €10 €50

Betting Apps with the Highest Odds

Betting AppsOne of the best inventions in the betting industry is mobile sportsbooks. Whether placing wagers via a mobile browser or a downloadable app, bookmakers have done a brilliant job crafting an on-the-move betting experience. Here are the best betting apps with the highest odds on the market right now:

Understanding Odds and How They Work

How They WorkIt's pretty clear that the competition between bookmakers to offer the best odds is fierce. But how do you differentiate between high and low odds? Well, first, you must understand the concept of betting odds and how they work.

When it comes down to it, odds imply the probability of an event happening. More specifically, betting odds reveal the bookie's opinion on how likely an event is to occur. The more likely it is to take place, the lower/shorter the odds.

But if the event is less likely to occur, the higher/longer the odds. Likewise, betting odds show how much a bettor is expected to win if their wager is successful. Generally, the higher the betting odds, the higher the payout, and vice versa.

Did you know bookmakers use different formats to present their odds? Thankfully, the format used doesn't affect the value of the odds payout in any way. It just depends on which format is easier for you to understand. So, here are the different odds formats used in sportsbooks:

American (Moneyline) Odds

Often found in US sportsbooks, American, moneyline, or US odds are those that come with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. Those with a + sign represent the underdogs, or the team the bookie thinks is less likely to win. The accompanying value suggests the payout you will receive for every successful $100 wager.
Alternatively, the favorite, those with the – sign, represents the team the bookie thinks has a higher winning chance. The accompanying value suggests the minimum bet amount to wager to win $100.

Decimal Odds

Also known as continental, digital, or European odds, decimal odds are much simpler to read and understand. You can easily spot the favorite and underdog from the value of the digits. In other words, the team with higher odds implies they are the underdog, while the team with lower odds is the favorite.
In calculating the payout, decimal odds imply the amount you stand to win for every $1 staked if your wager is successful. So, all you have to do is multiply your bet amount by the decimal odds. Unlike American odds, the profit and stake amount is already included in the total payout.

Fractional Odds

Extremely popular in UK sportsbooks, fractional odds are also easy to understand. The fraction's numerator reveals your potential payout, while the denominator shows the minimum stake amount. But you'll have to add the bet amount to the potential payout.
In addition, fractions whose numerator is of higher value than the denominator imply that the event is less likely to occur. But if the fraction's denominator is of higher value than the numerator, that outcome is highly likely to occur.

Hong Kong Odds

Often found on Asian betting sites, Hong Kong odds are similar to decimal odds. However, they do not include the stake in the total payout amount you get after multiplying your stake by the provided odds. In other words, they only reveal the potential profit amount for every $1 staked.

Indonesian Odds

As the name implies, these odds are rife among Indonesian bettors. Often quoted as a combination of Hong Kong and American odds, Indonesian odds come in two types: positive and negative. Positive Indo odds (representing the underdog) are those with a + sign and pay out higher. But the negative ones (favorites) are those with a -sign and have lower total payouts.

Do note that Indo odds are calculated based on a $1 stake. So, if you have a -1.50 Indo odd, it means you will bet $1.50 to potentially win $1. But if the Indo odds are 4.50, you can win $4.50 for every $1 staked. Do note that the + sign in Indo odds is sometimes implied.

Malaysian Odds

Commonly known as Malay odds, Malaysian odds also come with positives and negatives. For the positive prices, they work like Hong Kong odds. That is, they show the profit per one-unit stake. However, for negative prices, you divide the odds by your stake to get a potential return. Moreover, you must add your stake amount to the return to get the potential total payout.

Odds Type Description Example
American/Moneyline Odds Odds come with plus (+) and minus (-) three-digit numbers indicating the amount won or lost relative to a $100 bet. Positive odds denote the profit from a $100 bet, while negative odds indicate the stake amount needed to win $100. +200, -150
Decimal Odds Odds are expressed as a decimal, representing the potential return for each unit bet, including the original stake. 3.00, 1.50
Fractional Odds Odds are represented as fractions, showing the potential profit relative to the stake. The first number denotes the profit, while the second indicates the stake required to win the profit. The higher the first number, the less likely the event is, and vice versa. 2/1, 1/2
Hong Kong Odds Odds are presented as decimals with a plus or minus sign, but the potential payout does not include the original stake. +2.00, -0.50
Indonesian Odds Odds combine the functionality of Hong Kong as well as American odds. They come with positive and negative prices, and the return is based on each unit stake. Bettors must add the original stake amount to the calculated returns. +2.00, -0.50
Malaysian Odds Odds format is commonly used in Malaysia, and it has positive and negative prices. The positive price works similarly to Hong Kong odds, where the payout is per one credit stated. However, the negative prices are expressed differently, where you need to divide the odds by the stake amount to get the potential profit (original stake excluded). +2.48, -1.50

Enhanced Odds – What Does it Mean?

Enhanced Odds - What Does it Mean_Among the topmost improvements in online betting in recent years are enhanced odds. They are also known as odds boosts or price boosts.

Usually available to new customers, these are promotions where the bookmaker deliberately increases the prices on select markets. That way, they give punters a chance at winning bigger payouts, usually 10% – 40% more in profits. You don't even normally need any promo code to access them.

Think of enhanced odds like a sale or discounted price. Their main goal is to give you more for less stakes. So, you are convinced to place bets on specific markets you would otherwise consider for other bookmakers.
And like many other promotions, enhanced odds are short-term. So, once you find them, seize the opportunity while it lasts.

Another vital point to note is that enhanced odds come in varying terms and conditions, depending on the bookmaker. Often, the oddsmaker provides a stake limit as well as a payout limit.

Such offers are also often paid out in free bets. But that doesn't mean it's uncommon for bookies to offer free cash payouts from such promotions. So, ensure that you look through the terms and conditions before using enhanced odds.

Author's Tips to Find the Highest Odds

Tips for safer bettingLet me clarify one thing right away. No sportsbook offers consistently high odds throughout the year. If a betting site purports to always have the best odds, it's probably blowing hot air.

After all, with odds constantly changing based on varying factors, a bookmaker cannot consistently lower its margins on all its markets and still be able to pay substantial profits. That's why I recommend bettors always shop around before settling on a site that claims to have the highest odds.

Consider the odds of various markets as well as the performances of both sides of the specific match. You want to ensure that even though the site has competitive odds, there's a decent probability of winning the high-odds bet.

“Likewise, be careful not to spend more money than needed, no matter how attractive the odds are.”

Pros and Cons of High Odds Betting Sites


  • A chance to potentially win larger payouts
  • Offers exciting betting adventures
  • Only requires a small stake amount
  • Available for most major sports and leagues
  • Occasionally offers true value bets
  • Allows diversification of bets, especially if you find enhanced odds ACCAs


  • Higher risk of losing compared to bets with lower odds
  • May lead to significant financial loss
  • Increased risk of bad betting habits

Our Verdict

If you intend to bet with high odds, ensure your investment is worthwhile. While many don't go the extra mile to determine whether a bookmaker claiming to have the highest odds actually has them, you owe it to yourself to dig as deep as you can when evaluating the odds and implied probability on different markets and sports.

Consider the factors listed in this detailed guide when looking for high-odds betting sites. Don't forget to keep a lookout for enhanced odds. Do note that even though you don't have a high-risk betting appetite, we still recommend that you take the information in this guide into account when searching for good odds.

After all, the only way to enjoy a high-quality, exciting, and profitable betting experience is to remain vigilant with your research. But if you don't have the time to do that, we recommend trying our recommended top betting sites with the highest odds.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are sportsbooks with highly competitive odds across various markets and sports. However, not all bookmakers claiming to have high odds actually have them. That's why you should always do your research to ascertain whether they'll satisfy your high-risk betting appetite.

Well, bookmakers consider several factors when determining the odds quality for a specific market/sport. These include the team's current form, player statistics, performance history, home-field advantage, and bookmaker's cut, to mention just a few.

Whether you should go for high, good, or low odds depends on your risk appetite and betting preferences. While high odds imply higher payouts and risks, good odds offer decent payouts and a medium risk level. However, low odds are for those not fond of taking risks since they provide low payouts and low risk.

Absolutely! In fact, all expert bettors have multiple accounts with multiple betting sites to ensure they get the best odds. After all, bookmakers set high odds for specific sports, depending on which market they want to attract.

Implied probability in sports betting refers to the percentage likelihood of an event happening, at least in terms of numbers. Most bookmakers with highest odds provide an implied probability calculator, so you don't have to do the math yourself. But the general formula for positive odds is 100/(odds + 100) x 100. As for negative odds, the formula is odds/(odds + 100) x 100.

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