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Betting on sports and other events is incredibly popular in Australia. And there are definitely no shortage of bookies which offer just that to any Australian. However, how can you tell what the best ones are among them?

Well, if you are wondering about that, then you are certainly in the right place! The following article will provide you with an in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about the betting sites which accept Aussies. In the first sections, we would like to give you a couple of examples of excellent bookies with competitive services. But since the betting world of Australia is so unique, we would like to discuss a couple more things, from what sports are popular, to betting predictions and more.

So, join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Australian betting sites, starting off with the examples we mentioned:

The best Aussie Betting sites

Best choice

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100% Match up to €250

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  • Lots of sports betting promotions

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  • Fantastic Features
  • Rewarding Promotions
  • Horse Racing

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  • Attractive & Simple Interface
  • Plenty Of Sports Bonuses
  • More Than 40+ Sports

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  • Great casino section

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  • Excellent Sports betting section
  • Great sports bonuses
  • Many payment methods
  • Fun casino games

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  • Good selection of sports betting offers
  • Intuitive user interface

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  • Veteran Operator
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  • Abundance Of Betting Options

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  • Plenty of sports betting options
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  • Many payment methods
  • Great casino games

The top Aussie bookies for 2024, at a glance

Betting site name: Minimum deposit  Launched in: 
BetOnRed $20 AUD 2022
Kingmaker $15 AUD 2023
1Red $30 AUD 2022
Crownplay $15 AUD 2023
Zotabet $30 AUD 2022
Pribet $15 AUD 2021
Play Fast Casino $10 AUD 2021

Top Australian betting sites, reviewed

With the brief outline of the best betting sites above, let's take a look at each of them one by one:


Betting site name BetOnRed
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $20 AUD/$20 AUD
Deposit methods Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Credit cards, CashToCode, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Credit cards, Crypto
Verification for signing up? None required

betOnRed sports sectionBetOnRed is an all around reliable bookie. There are many reasons why we believe that, but let's start off from the start. Signing up here is very easy, as the site does not require you to submit any sensitive personal info, or to wait around for its staff to verify your account. Instead, you can just start wagering! Of course, to do that, you need to deposit. And that's where we can find another strength of BetOnRed.

The deposit conditions with it are pretty great. To start off, there is a very low minimum entry cost requirement of just 20 Australian dollars that you need to cover. And the range of payment methods you can do so with includes some of the best options for Aussies to use! That way, it is possible to perform a deposit via a bank transfer or credit card. Or, if you would like, you can use one of the four e-wallets available here – Skrill, Neteller, eZeeWaller, or even Jeton. Cashing in is also possible via a prepaid card by CashToCode, or by using one of the several crypto tokens accepted here.

And once you get to withdrawing, the minimum amount is also set to A$20! What's more, you can cash out using the same exceptional range of payment methods, with just one exception. It is not possible to withdraw via CashToCode. But that is not by any fault of BetOnRed, as e-vouchers cannot be used as a means of withdrawal.

Betting is made very easy, with a genuinely well-built and friendly sportsbook. Said sportsbook features pretty much anything you'd want to bet on, too! Australian Rules Football, all forms of Rugby and more. Live bets are available, and we like the Highlights feature of the bookie in particular, too. True to its name, this shows you the hottest upcoming matches, so that you can easily find them and bet on them.

All of this makes BetOnRed a must check for Aussie bettors.


Betting site name Kingmaker
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $15 AUD/$15 AUD
Deposit methods Credit Card, NeoSurf, Bank Transfer, CashToCode, Jeton, MiFinity, SticPay, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Jeton, MiFinity, SticPay, Bank Transfer, Crypto
Verification for signing up? No mandatory KYC

Kingmaker sports sectionNext, we would like to highlight Kingmaker, an exceptionally recently launched betting site. It opened its virtual doors in 2023, making it about a year old at the time of writing. Nevertheless, we are certain that it can meet all of your betting needs and more. It does know how to treat bettors like royalty!

Take, for instance, the minimum deposit here. Usually, that does not get lower than $15 AUD for most betting sites, and that is just how much you need to deposit to be able to play here, too. What's more, the payment methods you could use to perform your deposit are very convenient. Everyone has a credit card nowadays, and it can be used to cash in here, as long as it was issued on the MasterCard network. If that's not the case for you, there are still more than enough payment methods you could use, though! No less than three e-wallets are available: Jeton, MiFinity and SticPay. Or you could cash in via a bank transfer, or use a prepaid card, by CashToCore of NeoSurf. There are also around 15 crypto assets accepted here.

The withdrawal methods available are a bit more limited, though. But still, you can use the e-wallets we mentioned, bank transfers and crypto. The good news is that the minimum amount you need to cash out is just $15 AUD for some deposit methods.

But even if Kingmaker had more payment methods, they would not save it if the betting site did not also present its clients with a range of exciting events to wager on. If you love Tennis and Basketball, you will be happy to know that there are more than 400 events just from these sports. But Kingmaker also lets you wager on thousands of other events from over 30 different sports. And the best part is that live betting is always available on something, because of the massive amount of events which are included in its formidable sportsbook!


Betting site name 1Red
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $30 AUD/$40 AUD
Deposit methods Credit Cards, FlexePin, eZeeWallet, Neosurf, Skrill, Jeton, PaysafeCard, MiFinity, Neteller, PayZ, CashToCode, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Skrill, Neteller, PayZ, MiFinity, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Crypto
Verification for signing up? No KYC demanded of Aussie bettors

1red sports section1Red seems to have been created with the Aussie player in mind. That is because of the sports it features: There is a big focus on some of the most popular events in the country. Do you love Aussie rules football? Well, you can find pre-match and live betting for it here. The same is true about both versions of Rugby which are popular in the country. Those are the Union Rules and the League rules. But if you want to bet on Tennis or Basketball, you can also do that here. More niche events like betting on the outcomes of TV shows are also available, for hardcore bettors!

The only thing we can mention as a downside to this betting site has to do with the entry cost requirements. In our opinion, the minimum deposit amount of 30 Australian dollars is a bit much. Then again, the withdrawal requirement being set to A$40 is even worse. At least 1Red is upfront about the higher withdrawal requirement, so we cannot say that it can come as a surprise to the player.

And the range of payment methods is pretty decent, which also somewhat makes up for the higher minimums. Once again, there are tons of favorite deposit methods which you might have used with other Australian betting sites. For instance, you can cash in using PayZ, or one of 5 other e-wallets: Neteller and Skrill, MiFinity, Jeton and even eZeeWallet. There are also three different prepaid card options: Neosurf, PaysafeCard and CashToCode.

However, we should mention that you could also perform a deposit via a bank transfer, or a cryptocurrency, if you would like to. Overall, this betting site has the most options for deposits out of all of the other options in our list. This means withdrawals are also possible with a great range of options, which makes cashing out of 1Red even more convenient. That is why the betting site easily earns our recommendation!


Betting site name Crownplay
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $15 AUD/$30 AUD
Deposit methods Credit Card, NeoSurf, Bank Transfer, CashToCode, Jeton, MiFinity, SticPay, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Jeton, MiFinity, SticPay, Bank Transfer, Crypto
Verification for signing up? No KYC on account creation

Crownplay sports sectionCrownplay is the other recently launched Australian betting site, which we have listed. Once again, though, despite the fact it has yet to prove itself to Australian bettors, we feel like this is a good site to recommend. The people running it clearly know what they are doing! That is evident from the design of the site itself.

The sports you can bet on are no less than 39, and with pre-match and live betting options both available, there are thousands of events and there is always something going on. So, being able to navigate all of them is a very big necessity. Luckily, this is a place where Crownplay shines. The different events you can wager on are actually very well-organized, so that browsing them is exceptionally easy.

How does it achieve that? Well, the pre-match section also lists which sports are currently live. And so, switching between live and pre-match betting is possible without any extra loading times. We also appreciate that Horse and Greyhound races are both available within a separate page of the sportsbook. We are sure that any Aussie bettors looking to wager on them are going to find that to be very convenient.

So, the sportsbook is very user-friendly. We should also mention that it has great odds, though it does not offer fixed odds betting, at least at the time of writing. But in order to wager, you have to place a deposit. And this is another area in which the betting site shines. The minimum entry cost for it starts at just A$15, and there are more than enough excellent means of cashing in which you could employ! For instance, there are two e-vouchers: CashToCode and NeoSurf, as well as three e-wallets. Those wallets are Jeton, MiFinity and SticPay. Of course, credit cards, bank transfers and crypto payments are all welcome.

The only significant disadvantage of playing here seems to be the rather high minimum withdrawal requirement. That is set to A$30, across all deposit methods. We are not really the biggest fans of cashing out, requiring twice as much money as cashing in. Then again, Crownplay does not conceal this fact in any way. So, it's not unfair for it to set such a requirement, in our view at least!


Betting site name Zotabet
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $30 AUD/$30 AUD
Deposit methods Credit Cards, GooglePay, NeoSurf, Bank Transfers, MiFinity, eZeeWallet, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, MiFinity, eZeeWallet, Crypto
Verification for signing up? No verification requirements

Zotabet betting sectionZotabet is a very convenient place to wager in. In fact, the sign-up process is quite fast because of the lack of a mandatory verification process. Also, depositing is made simple, because there are just so many different payment methods which are accepted! For instance, you can cash in via either credit cards or Google Pay. You could also use MiFinity or eZeeWallet, which are two more convenient options for fans of e-wallets. If you wish to, you could even perform a bank transfer or a crypto deposit. Finally, NeoSurf provides for instant e-voucher deposits.

All of these payment methods will reflect to your account balance instantly, and require a minimum deposit of just 30 AUD. We still think this is a bit on the high side, but that's not such a significant issue. And we feel like the wide range of events here absolutely compensates for the higher entry cost requirement.

The specialty of Zotabet seems to be wagering on eSports. There are quite a lot of them  available with the betting site! What's more, these are major league gaming events, too! If you want to bet on League of Legends and Valorant events, this is the best place to do so. In fact, you can even wager on these events live. Some bookies cannot offer that, and yet, eSports are just one of the plethora of sports to find here. More conventional events include Aussie Rules, all major Rugby rulesets, Basketball and more.

Of course, live betting is available for all of them. And there is also a very convenient Upcoming section. This lets you figure out what matches from your favorite sports will be available soon, so that you can come up with a better prediction for their outcome.

Once you wish to cash out, Zotabet will provide you with a convenient way of doing so, with the same minimum as you have used while cashing in. However, the payment methods will be a bit different. You will not be able to withdraw to NeoSurf or to GooglePay. Of course, there are still more than enough options here, to the point where we can confidently say that the withdrawal conditions are great. So, Zotabet can easily be recommended!


Betting site name Pribet
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $15 AUD/ $30 AUD
Deposit methods eZeeWallet, Jeton, Neteller, MiFinity, Credit Cards, PaysafeCard, Skrill, Crypto
Withdrawal methods eZeeWallet, Jeton, Neteller, MiFinity, Credit Cards, Skrill, Crypto
Verification for signing up? None required whatsoever

Pribet sports sectionAre you a fan of soccer? Then this is absolutely the right place to bet! This is because Pribet has over two thousand Soccer matches for you to choose from! Be it the domestic Australian leagues, or matches from the leagues of over 90 more countries, we are pretty confident you will be able to find the game you want to bet on. Of course, games from international competitions are also available in this rich collection. You can bet on FIFA, UEFA and so on events.

That said, browsing so many matches is surely quite a hassle. However, Pribet has organized its sportsbook in such a way that you can do so fairly conveniently. The Soccer section allows you to browse the different leagues from each country via several drop-down menus, and within each of these is where you can find the games you are interested in. We also like that it shows you when a match among these games is live, as well.

But that's not all. If you really love soccer, you might also be interested in its virtual version, too. And that is also something you can find with this bookie! You can wager on various simulated soccer events, from the Virtuals tab.

Of course, the sportsbook features over a thousand other events, so it cannot be said that it can only satisfy fans of Soccer betting. There are also Tennis, Basketball, Cricket and so on. So pretty much anyone can find something to bet on here

Another advantage of the bookie is the robust selection of payment methods which it has to offer. Those include no less than five different e-wallets, for instance: Neteller and Skrill, but also Jeton and eZeeWallet, and even MiFinity. With a very low minimum deposit amount of just 15 AUD, there is no reason for the Aussie bettor not to check out the betting site! Especially since its sign-up is so fast and convenient, too!

Play Fast Casino

Betting site name Play Fast Casino
Betting site domain
Min Deposit/Withdrawal $10 AUD/$100 AUD
Deposit methods CashToCode, JetonCash, MiFinity, NeoSurf, AstroPay, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer, MiFinity, Neteller, Skrill, Crypto
Verification for signing up? No KYC on account opening

Play Fast Casino is the last betting site in our list. We believe that it has a pretty major flaw, but that it is still worthwhile for a certain type of bettor. To elaborate on that point, the betting site's flaw has to be the high minimum withdrawal amount. According to its payment policies, you cannot cash out less than a hundred Australian dollars, by any one of the payment methods it supports. Now, that's quite uncompetitive, and we should say that we consider it downright disappointing that the minimum you can cash out is so high. Especially since the entry cost requirement is as low as 10 Australian dollars.

But, if you are a high-roller, then Play Fast Casino is actually a great bet. As long as you are aware that it will make you cash out as much as it will, you can trust that the bookie is safe and enjoy its thousands of betting events. That is because of the fact that it is licensed. In fact, all of the betting sites we have been recommending so far have been licensed in the same jurisdiction – Curacao. A Curacao license means that they are able to guarantee the legitimacy of your betting experience, as well as provide you with responsible gambling options.

We recommend Aussie bettors stick to licensed sites above all else. But that is just one piece of the puzzle on why Play Fast Casino is great. Another one is the great size of its sportsbook. Be it Footy, Tennis, Basketball, there are countless sports that you can bet on, either live or before the start of the game. What's more, you can even wager on different exotic events, like, for instance, the outcomes of elections around the world. So even though Aussies might not be able to vote in the UK Prime minister election, they sure can bet on it here!

All of this variety makes it rather easy to recommend the betting site, as long as you keep its high minimum withdrawal in mind!

Most popular sports in Australia for betting

What are the most common sports that Aussies bet on? This section of our article is dedicated to uncovering just that. So, join us as we go over just that:

Australian rules football

Australian rules footballWhat is referred to as Football in Australia really depends on where you hear the term being used! In certain states, football refers to the full-contact version of the game, played with the popular domestic ruleset. However, in others it refers to Rugby. Confusingly enough, saying “Football” or “Footy” can refer to both Union and Association rugby. It can even mean association soccer!

Whether you call the game Football, Aussie rules or Footy, though, it is immensely popular in the country. It is the most watched sport in it, and the Australian Football League is the governing body which rules over the sport. Across the six Australian states there are hundreds of local teams, competing in a large web of smaller leagues. So it's safe to say that this is an incredibly popular sport to bet on, and one which is fairly unique to Australian bettors.


Cricket BettingIn the summer, Aussies play cricket. There were estimated to be over two million attendees for cricket matches in 2017 and 2018 in the country. This just highlights that cricket is a national sport with immense significance for Australian people. The first match in the country was played as early as 1803 in Sydney! Ever since, the sport has captivated more and more people in Australia.

Nowadays, Cricket is organized in several domestic leagues: The Big Bash League, the Women's National Cricket league, the Sheffield Shield and the Marsh One-Day Cup, to mention a couple. The Aussie team participates in international championships, too: the Cricket World Cup, the Women's Cricket World Cup and so on!


Tennis BettingTennis has been around for ages in Australia. The domestic body which governs the sport is called the Tennis Association of Australia, and was formed in 1903. Any savvy tennis fan will immediately recall what made the sport so popular in the country, though: The 15 wins of the Davis Cup between 1950 and 1967 by various Aussie players.

In 1969 Australia also started hosting the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam competition. To date, there have been two players from the country who have also managed to achieve a Grand Slam by winning all four events in the competition. The thrill of the Grand Slam brings millions of bettors to wagering on Tennis matches in Australia!


golf 1It might be surprising for some readers to learn just how far back Golf goes back as a favorite pastime of Australians. There is evidence that the first game on the continent was played in 1839, in New South Wales. And there are claims that it was played even earlier! What we are certain of is that golf has been around in the country for almost 200 years, at the time of writing. The same year the first game in what is now Sydney was played, the New South Wales golf club was founded. This became the first governing body of the sport in the country.

Nowadays, the sport is organized by Golf Australia, which has chapters in all of the states in the country, and is enjoyed by thousands of players and bettors alike.

The different types of Aussie betting sites, explained

There are many different ways in which you could group Australian betting sites together! So, let's do just that, and highlight some of the more important categories of bookies that Australians can wager in nowadays:

New AU betting sites

New Betting SitesThe newest betting sites in Australia are often the most sought after by bettors. And that is no wonder, since said sites can offer new sports to bet on, alongside more significant betting offers and more. Not to mention that betting somewhere new can feel fresh and fun! So, if you are looking for new sites to bet on, then here are a couple of recent launches:

  • JungliWIN: Brand new Aussie betting house from 2024
  • Playio: Launched in early 2024
  • WinToro: Opened its doors in late 2023

Aussie betting sites with instant withdrawals

Fast PayoutBefore we list the relevant betting sites, we should mention that the withdrawal times from betting sites are impacted by a myriad of different factors. For example, the type of payment method you are using should be taken into account. Bank transfers are slower than crypto, which is in turn slower than e-wallets. But that is just one piece of the puzzle! The more important factor you need to take into account when determining how long your withdrawals can take are the processing times by the betting site itself. There are sites which take up to three days to clear withdrawals. And sometimes, casing out can even be longer!

But, on the other hand, there are also betting sites which are well-known by their Aussie audience for the short processing times for withdrawals. Here is a bunch of bookmakers which can facilitate instant withdrawals:

  • QuickWin: Instant cash-outs possible 
  • Casinia: Same-hour withdrawals 
  • Sportuna: Cashes you out in up to 24 hours

Can Australians pay betting sites with crypto?

Crypto Betting SitesCrypto is a very popular means of deposit to Australian bookies! And there are more than enough of them which accept it, too. In fact, there are too many. And since crypto does not support any way of getting your cash back once you have spent it, you need to be careful where you deposit it. So, if you wish to use it, we recommend sticking to only trustworthy, licensed betting sites. Here are a couple to get you started:

  • LunuBet: Cashing in to this licensed bookie is possible with crypto 
  • N1Bet: Decent range of crypto payment methods, fully licensed
  • ExciteWin: Reliable betting site which accepts BTC and other crypto
  • Licensed betting site with extensive crypto focus

The AU betting sites which offer the best odds, revealed

Best-odds betting sitesGetting the best odds means playing it risky, but a lot of Australian bettors love doing it. What's more, there are more than enough betting sites which offer great odds in the country. So, where can one get the best betting odds? The following list will contain a couple of bookmakers with an excellent reputation among bettors.

At the same time, though, we should mention that bets these days are generally not fixed, which means they could change before your event. That is because if a lot of people make the same odds as you, the betting site might not be able to pay it out if the bet is correct. So, it is necessary to reduce the odds sometimes. Keep that in mind while checking out the following bookies with the best odds in Australia:

  • Flappy Casino: Consistently high odds of high-stakes betting action 
  • BetGrouse: Very competitive odds 
  • LibraBet: Some of the highest odds from AU betting sites
  • RoySpins: Attractive odds, reliable bookie
  • Nords Casino: Licensed betting site with exceptional odds

Where can I find the best betting apps in Australia?

Betting AppsBetting apps are special downloadable software for your phone, or a plugin by the bookie for your mobile browser. They were all the rage a couple of years ago, and bookies competed with each other to make their betting apps more and more functional. However, nowadays, they are a bit obsolete. Mobile devices have become a lot more powerful, and the betting sites have optimized their sportsbooks for them a lot better. This means that being able to bet on the go is the default, and that any Australian broker worth its salt has already made its website seamless to browse on either IOS or Android devices.

The advantage of using these mobile websites has to do with the fact that you don't have to download any special software, or worry about the compatibility of the said app with your phone's operating system. But betting apps are not totally gone! In fact, there are quite a few of them which can make for a great time when betting. So we would like to list the leading Australian mobile apps for you:

  • Betano: IOS/ Android apps available 
  • BoomerangBet: Dedicated mobile apps for any device
  • LT Casino: Exclusive plugin downloadable for IOS and Android devices 

Safest betting sites in Australia which do not require verification

No-verification betting sitesVerification is a bit of a hot topic. It refers to the process of the betting site certifying you are of legal age, and that you are not laundering money and so on. We support all of the goals that verification sets out to achieve, and is very capable of achieving as well. But we also see the point of the other side of the argument as well!

Verification requires that bettors submit a lot of personal information about themselves, which can include pictures of your ID, credit cards and so on. So, in order to actually get verified, you could end up exposing yourself to the risk of getting your identity stolen, if the documents are leaked.

So, are there bookies which don't require verification in Australia? Absolutely! In fact, there are quite a bit of them out there. But since they are licensed in more lax jurisdictions, enabling them to not require a KYC check, you need to tread carefully. You need to stick to ones which are not only licensed, but also legitimate, and have a long proven track record of excellence with their Aussie players. So, here are a coupe of trustworthy bookies which you can check out if you are looking for a no verification betting experience:

  • Winsane: Fast sign-up without needing to hassle with verification 
  • Rabona: Licensed bookie with a fast, KYC-Free sign-up process 
  • Sportaza: No verification when signing up 
  • SG Casino: Does not demand you upload any documentation on sign-up

What are the best payment methods for Australians to use with AU bookies?

As you probably saw from the first section of our article, there are just so many different payment methods which can be used with Australian betting sites! And since nothing is perfect, each one of them has its own advantages and downsides. If you are on the lookout for the best payment method you could use to wager on your favorite sports, this next section is dedicated to revealing just that:

Bitcoin, other crypto

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be developed, and many more followed. The goal of crypto is providing anonymity for transactions, and that is why it is perfect for the type of bettor who wants to ensure just that. Crypto is also pretty widely accepted by most AU bookies nowadays, which makes it a solid choice.
That said, crypto has a couple of downsides, too. Firstly, it's somewhat complex. Buying crypto can be a hassle. And spending it can be even worse! To send money to a crypto wallet, you need to type a long string of letters, numbers and characters. One mistake will mean sending your money to the wrong address. But since there are no refunds in crypto, that is basically equal to losing said money. There are also the miner fees which we should mention. Crypto miners are the people who process the transactions on the blockchain and gathering these fees is how they are compensated for that. Please keep in mind that you will need to pay these fees every time you transact with crypto.

All that said, there are lots of Aussie bettors who prefer cashing in via this payment method in particular. They like the fast processing times for deposits and cash outs. These take up to a couple of hours at worst, but are usually done with in a couple minutes instead. So, if you wish to deposit with crypto, we can see why!


E-wallets are a staple of online payments, and of deposits to gambling websites of any kind in particular. They are also widely accepted by Aussie bookies, and the range of e-wallets you can use is pretty massive. However, a popular domestic payment method is eZeeWallet. There are other wallets like MiFinity, Skrill, Neteller and so on, which are also commonly accepted by betting sites.

What are the upsides of e-wallets? Well, they let you cash in without revealing your actual banking information, which adds a layer of safety to your deposit. Furthermore, they make deposits and withdrawals instant, while also being very safe.

On the other hand, there are fees in any step of the deposit process if you wish to cash in with an e-wallet. There are charges associated with topping up your account and spending money. Withdrawal fees are possible, though some e-wallet companies like Skrill waive those. Finally, cashing out of the e-wallet can also cost you.
Nevertheless, e-wallets are here to stay, and tons of Australian players and bookies consider them to be the best means of payment.

Credit Cards

Credit CardsMost betting sites in Australia accept credit cards as a means of deposit. That is because everyone has a credit card! So it is very easy to cash in with them without going out of your way to set up and top up an e-wallet account, for instance. What's more, deposits via credit cards are instant, feature very little in the way of banking fees and are also incredibly safe.

On the other hand, there are some pretty significant issues. Cashing in with a credit card means that you might have to withdraw by another means. Some bookies do not like to process outgoing card payments. And the ones that do will generally make you verify your account to let you cash out. Also, the transaction itself is a fair bit slower than some of the other means we have listed so far!

FlexePin, CashToCode and other e-vouchers

Next in our list are e-vouchers. What is an e-voucher? It is a special prepaid card which you can use to cash in. The card can be bought either online, or with cash at a physical location. When you buy the card, its code, which you will use to deposit will become active.
Then, you can use the code to cash in once or several times to the bookie, up to the value of the card. The value of the card is determined when buying it, but it is rarely over $150 AUD. So, in conclusion, e-vouchers are a way to cash in quickly and without revealing any banking information. That is why they are beloved by so many Australian bettors!

However, do keep in mind, there is no way to withdraw to them. It is simply not possible to use the voucher to receive payments. Furthermore, the maximum denomination of vouchers can be on the low side, which then makes it annoying for high-rollers to use them.
Still, their benefits outweigh their downsides, and that is proven by the large amount of Australian bookies and bettors which use them! Some of the more popular payment methods in this category include FlexePin and CashToCode, mentioned above, but also PaysafeCard, NeoSurf and more.


The final payment method is called PayID. It is a very safe and convenient means of sending or receiving money, which relies on bank accounts. To use it, you simply need to enter the PayID number of the recipient's account. Then, your bank account will be billed for that amount and the money will be sent to the receiver. This whole process is completely automated and is generally instant, though small delays of up to a couple minutes are possible. The same is true for receiving money as well, and PayID facilitates instant withdrawals, too!

However, there are just not many Australian betting sites which accept this payment method! So, even though it is very convenient, we cannot really say that you will be able to cash in with it all that frequently. Hopefully, PayID will catch on more in the future, because it can easily beat all of the other payment methods listed if it gains a bit more popularity.

Finding the best AU bookie: From A to Z

How can you find the best site to bet in Australia? Well, the current section of the article is dedicated to making sure you can find a safe, but also competitive bookmaker! Here are the sure-fire steps you can take to do just that:


Licensed AU bookies only!

Make sure you bet exclusively with licensed bookies. This is definitely the most important step to take, because they can generally provide better services, while also giving you guarantees for the legitimacy of the said services. Also, make sure that you verify the license of the betting site yourself. Do not trust any claims to regulation you have not checked that way!


Compare and contrast

It is important to make sure that a betting site can give you the best services out of its competition. So, we recommend taking a look at a couple of bookies side by side to be able to pick the best ones. The next section will give you such a comparison.


Make sure the betting site has AUD accounts

Being able to open an account in your native currency is one of the most important things to ensure when deciding when to play. Why is that such a big deal? Not having an account in the Australian Dollar will mean you have to pay currency conversion fees on every deposit and withdrawal. Also, when it comes time to cash out you might end up with less money, simply because the AUD has fallen in price against the other currency.


Read the fine print

We know that reading the legal documents of a bookie is very boring, but we recommend doing it nonetheless. That way, you can be sure there are no unfair conditions in there. Cashing out can lead to nasty surprises otherwise!

The three best Australian bookmakers: thorough comparison

As promised, we will now show you a comparison between the three leading AU bookies. You can find the best among them for yourself by seeing their services compared between the three. Or, if you have a different betting site in mind, you can actually use the same points of comparison against the top bookies, too.

Best choice

Welcome bonus

100% Match up to €250

CN Restricted


  • Lots of sports betting promotions

Welcome bonus

100% up to €100

CN Accepted


  • Fantastic Features
  • Rewarding Promotions
  • Horse Racing

Welcome bonus

100% up to €100

CN Restricted


  • Attractive & Simple Interface
  • Plenty Of Sports Bonuses
  • More Than 40+ Sports

Sports betting and betting sites in Australia: Are they legal?

In 2001 Australia reformed its regulation on gambling. Casino games and games of chance are completely illegal in the country. However, betting sites are actually not prohibited under this 2001 act. They have to obtain licenses to offer their services in the country, though. If you are wondering where you can check if a bookie has such a license, the Australian Communications and Media Authority maintains a website with a comprehensive register. Each of the six states has a licensing body which is responsible for overseeing the bookmakers in the said state.

Bettors are not entirely happy with the regulatory regime in the country, though. Some see it as overly restrictive. For instance, live betting is banned in Australia. The only kind of bet allowed are bets which are placed before the start of an event. That said, there is an alternative. A lot of international bookies offer their services to Aussies. There is no legal penalty for seeking them out. But the websites of the bookmaker can be blacklisted in the country, because they are not allowed to offer their services without an AU license. So, there is a bit of risk when betting there still. If you wish to do so, keep that in mind. Also, stick to only international bookmakers that have licenses, and avoid unlicensed ones at all cost.

Just how much should Aussies trust betting predictions?

Betting predictions. Shall we trust them_If you look for betting predictions online, you will no doubt find thousands of websites which promise to tell you the outcomes of various sports matches with absolute certainty. However, you should be a bit cautious about trusting them! While the outcomes of games are generally somewhat predictable because you can research who is playing against who, the track records of the teams and so on, there is always an element of chance.

So, every prediction can come out to be false. But even between the different predictions, there are more and less reliable ones. For instance, a well-researched and motivated prediction is going to be a lot more likely to come true than one made by an anonymous source with no justification for it.
Overall, we recommend only trusting betting predictions if you are sure that there has been a sufficient amount of work put into making them, if you know the person who made them personally and if you have a knowledge of the sport so that you can assess the prediction on yourself!

What should Australian bettors know about betting offers?

Betting offersBetting offers are special bonuses for newly signed-up bettors, or for loyal clients of a certain betting site. That said, each offer you can get has its own Terms and Conditions you need to get familiar with before accepting it. Some offers might restrict what you can play, for instance, which is a great reason to be cautious. Here are the most common kinds of betting offers you can get these days with Australian bookies:

Free bets by Australian betting sites

Free bets are essentially vouchers for a certain sum of money you can place on one, or on several bets. What makes them special is that losing the bet will not result in your deposited funds being used to settle the bet. Instead, the bookmaker will take its money out of the free bet voucher, unlike with other cash bonuses you can get. And winning the bet will mean you can simply cash out as normal. 

So, free bets are a potent tool to place bets without risks, which is why certain bookies mandate that you use them on games with certain odds, for instance, over 2.00. Once again, you need to read the Terms and Conditions of the promotion before accepting it to find out if such restrictions exist for it. 

Other betting bonuses for Aussies to claim

Here are a couple of more bonuses you can expect to get from most bookies:

  • Special sportsbook features: These promotions are triggered when a certain event happens in the game you are betting on. Some betting sites offer the Early Payout feature, for instance. Once the team, or player, you have bet on scores a certain amount ahead of their competition, you can settle the bet and collect your winnings, before the match is actually called! 
  • Cash bonuses: Most commonly, getting these bonuses will give you a bunch of extra money to play with. The bonus itself is calculated as a percentage of the deposited sum – usually around 25% to 50% 
  • VIP Bonuses: The most covered reward is reserved for the most loyal bettors. These include special features like higher maximum withdrawal amounts, or even a personal account manager!

How to bet responsibly with AU bookmakers: Essential tips

Tips for safer bettingOne of our top priorities in is encouraging responsible gambling. So, we have prepared a couple of tips which we believe every Australian bettor should know about: 

  • Realistic expectations: The most important step to making sure that you are playing safely is setting realistic expectations. This means realizing that betting cannot be used as a source of income. Also, it means setting aside a certain sum of money you will bet in a specific session and not going over that amount. With these steps in mind, you will keep betting what it is supposed to be – fun!
  • Downtime from gambling: Another important thing to do is make sure you have some downtime from betting. Taking frequent breaks and engaging in other activities will mean the odds of developing an addiction are much lower. 
  • Do not chase losses: Chasing losses refers to the practice of placing higher and higher bets to offset the money you have lost. This is a pretty big tell you need a break from betting or even more serious help. 
  • Keep track of your mood: If you feel irritable when you are not gambling, or if you have fought with your friends and loved ones over it, it is time to get a break and seek help with gambling addiction!

Message from the author about Australian betting sites

As the author of this article I was personally responsible for checking out all of the betting sites you have read about here. I have also covered other countries' betting sectors before, but the one in Australia really impressed me! 

Everything about it was quite unique, and unlike anything else I've seen before. For instance, the sports which Aussies tend to bet on are different. The bookies offer a much higher range of minimum deposits and withdrawal amounts, and more payment methods on average than your regular bookie from other counties. So, if I could pick where to bet from, Australia would be a top choice, because everything the betting sites here offer seem to me to be made with the player in mind. 

Where can Australians seek help with gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction helpSometimes the first step in getting help with gambling addiction is the most difficult one. Realizing you need help and seeking it is no easy matter. If you have realized just that, then we can recommend the following: 

  • Getting online help: The website can provide just what its name suggests: qualified assistance with gambling addiction! You can chat with a counselor online, or seek out therapy in every one of the six states in Australia! 
  • Self excluding: Self excluding means closing down your betting site accounts and stepping away from gambling. The website from the previous step contains some helpful tips on how you can do that, and we recommend checking it out for more details. 
  • Reach out to other people: If you feel like you are in a crisis it is best to talk to someone about it. Once again, we can recommend the website from before, because it shows you a helpline you can call for free, which is also available 24/7. You can reach it by dialing 1800 858 858

What are the newest betting sites in Australia

Here is a bunch of the most recently launched betting sites in the country, in a list we will update frequently:

The most frequent questions about betting by Aussies, answered

To conclude, we would like to try and answer some of the more commonly asked questions by our Aussie readers. We hope that those answers are helpful to you, too:

Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible for us to say that, because there can be so many different reasons for withdrawals not going through. However, reaching out to the Support agents of the betting site will let you figure that out quickly.

In general, yes! Most promotions by Australian betting sites are available for withdrawals. Still, though, keep in mind that you might need to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the bonus itself before you can do so. For instance, you might need to wager it a certain amount of times!

This depends entirely on the bookmaker's rules! In general, the bigger the bookie, the higher the amount of money you can bet, because it can pay out more in winnings, though.

Every betting site which operates under a license is required to offer you self exclusion options. But if you are not playing on a licensed site, you can self-exclude by simply deleting any betting apps and blocking the domain of the betting site in your browsers!

The odds can change before a game, and usually do. The more people place the same bet as you, the more the odds will lower, for instance. The bookie would not be able to pay out all of the winnings otherwise! Fixed odds betting is also available, but it is the exception, and not the rule!


When we draw the bottom line, Australia has an unique online betting sector. This thorough article has hopefully been a good introduction to it. But there is so much more to say, that we feel like we have just scratched the surface! If you wish to go deeper, do not hesitate to check out the rest of our reviews, which will give you everything else you need to know about betting!

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